Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the reluctant naturalist

37 drawings, 2009-2010

glacier plaid, acrylic paint, 9' x 21', 2011

untitled (tabletop 'berg), salt, 4.5" x 6" x 4.5", 2011

salt + salt (kosher and sea salt shakers), polyurethane, 4" x 6" x 3.375", 2011

217b (float); paper, polyurethane; 20" x 18" x 12", 2010

iceberg 37a; paper, plaster, polyurethane, steel, glass; 23" x 50" x 22", 2011
brash; vinyl flooring; 8' x 10', 2011

photography ©2011 Julian Wass

on exhibit:

the reluctant naturalist
January 24-February 26 2011
Westchester Community College
Valhalla, New York
work based on my Antarctic residency

gallery link

artist talk and reception:

Wednesday February 16, 2011
Westchester Community College Fine Arts Gallery
on glaciers, penguins and more

Saturday, January 22, 2011

new project, new website:

Cheryl Leonard and Oona Stern will participate in The Arctic Circle 2011, sailing through the Svalbard Archipelago. Adfreeze Project is a series of daily artworks combining sound and form to explore the region. The artists will collaborate on projects that respond to the schooner's locale: the natural conditions and the physical and cultural history of land and sea. Post-sail presentations will combine sound works, videos, sculptures, drawings, and natural specimens.

Developments on Adfreeze Project can be found at: